OhmWave OT 1.1
Vibroacoustic Product Price List

The OhmWave Therapy (OT) 1.1 Vibroacoustic system is based on research into the therapeutic uses of sound waves in the audible and inaudible but tactile frequency ranges. See price list and details below.

About Us
The OhmWave product line was developed by Jodi Young and Peter Wolff. Jodi Young has over 30 years experience in healing modalties. Peter H. Wolff has over 36 years of industrial and military product and systems engineering experience including design, develop and implementation. Contact OhmWave

Price List Vibro Acoustic (VA) Products

1) VA chair with integrated amplifier (incl. remote control ) and Quad Transducer cluster.
mp3 player with earphones and acoustic sound files.
Price: $ 850.00 


2) Luxury Zelkova wood base , VA "Zero Gravity" chair with motor drive, integrated amplifier (incl. remote control ) and Sectional Transducer clusters.
mp3 player with earphones and acoustic sound files.
Price: $ 2950.00 


3) VA Massage Table with amplifier and 4 super transducers.
mp3 player with earphones and acoustic sound files.
Price: $ 2350.00 


Conversion of customer owned massage tables to VA massage tables with amplifier and 4 super transducers.

Since the structural design of massage tables can vary, the actual cost of the conversion can only be confirmed once all the details of the table to be converted are known. Table needs to be shipped to factory in Florida for estimate and conversion.

The typical price for the conversion is :

$ 1920.00 (average)

Customer is responsible for all packaging and shipping cost!

4) Below mattress VA system (3 to 4 inch memory foam layer mattress recommended) with 2 quad transducer pouches and remote control.
List Price: $ 1200.00 


List price includes shipping cost from manufacturer to end customer.
1 year warranty, customer pays for return shipping.*

*except conversions. In this case the customer pays for all shipping to and from manufacturer.

Shipping/delivery costs to customer TBD depending on location

One year warranty and telephone support. Customer responsible for one-way shipping to factory for servicing require.

The OhmWave Therapy (OT) 1.1 device is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition of whatever nature, and shall not be construed as a medical device, implied or otherwise. The OT 1.1 is a device utilizing VA technology and shall not be used for any other purpose than the indicated use. As with any VA (Vibroacoustic) device, consult a physician before using it.

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