Jodi Young is a licensed massage therapist. (LMT).  She specializes in using the latest techniques in scar therapy and pain management. She is a certified micro-current point stimulation therapist (MPS). She is also a licensed cosmetologist and water therapist.   

Jodi has over 30 years experience doing body work, with 15 years in France and India, focusing on homeopathic and Ayervedic medicine as well as various yoga/breathing techniques.

From personal experience, Jodi can relate to clients suffering from injuries and chronic pain. She was involved in an accident that left her bedridden for years with the possibility of losing her leg, but through her own determination she persevered.

2008 learning to walk in Auroville, India

Jodi Young has devoted her life to healing others, reestablishing a healthy mind/body connection and restoring physical and emotional equilibrium.

2010 Tunisia, launched "Lotus", affordable health care for women.

Contact Jodi at (954) 383-4661 or info@jodiyoung.com to schedule a consultation and design of a customized treatment program to address your specific challenges.

Dr. Peter H. Wolff

Peter H. Wolff is a technical advisor and team member of Magna Motors, LLC and has over 36 years of engineering experience including all phases of engineering design and development.

He is currently the President and CEO of IB Laser Consulting, Inc., a company with activities in the field of industrial and military laser development as well as the President and CEO of Mass Dynamix, Inc. a company with activities in the field of propellant measurement systems for space vehicles.

He is the former CEO of Industrial Broad Spectrum Laser AG, Berlin, Germany and Orlando, FL and a retired Executive of SIEMENS, having worked for 22 years in various locations in Europe, South Africa and the USA with responsibilities including development of customer requirements, design reviews, vendor selection and approval, customer satisfaction monitoring, and all aspects of business operations.

Dr. Wolff is a long time member of the Board of Directors of the World Trade Center Orlando, Florida.

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